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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

There’s nothing like hearing music you love to change your mood. My handsome husband knows this, so anytime I’m getting……..cranky…..he throws on some Tom Petty for me. Either Tom or DJ Herbie James, but Herbie deserves a post all of his own, so for now well talk Tom.

The first album I bought from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers was “Long After Dark”. I remember scraping together my allowance and begging my parents for a ride to Q Records and Tapes. I grabbed the album, headed home, and immediately put my new record on the stackable turntable I had acquired for my birthday. Since my parents were sick of yelling, “Turn that music down!”, they also purchased a giant pair of headphones for me. The headphones stretched all the way across the room to my bed, where I would curl up and listen to Tom and my other records for hours.

There is something so unique about Tom’s vocals, and the lyrics and composition are magical. What I love is that he is still kicking ass and touring today! Here’s a video of Tom and the band live, performing one of my favorite tracks of all time called “The Waiting”. You will see why I find him so inspiring and awesome! The last picture is a wallpaper that you can click and save for your desktop. Enjoy!

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This brings back so many memories! I walked around with a “Damn The Torpedoes” button for a year! Great post.

My new Rolling Stone says that he had the highest grossing concert proceeds for 2008) to date! Man oh man! Yay for Tom Petty!!!!!!

oh MAN! i was in the tom petty fan club when i was 13!
i even got some penpals from it!
i still love his music now too…
mary jane

Love Tom!!
Your blog is fantastic! Just stumbled upon it tonight 🙂
*~* Keep on rockin’ *~*

—–> Kimberly <------

Tom was a man that knew what life was all about. You’ve got a great husband if he puts on some music every time he knows you’re getting stressed out.

Hey!! Well, last night was diffrent! I’m starting to not like Kenley anymore, her attuide has gotten way over the top & her little comment about how Tim, what does he know, for next week’s show was super rude. I was not into any of the outfits last night but Suede was terrible! The bell cuffs & the fake Pucci was just a big mess – So was Joe – a pocket square? can I toss up my breakfast!

love ya

Joey 🙂

Very Cool! How are you hun? I caught Zoe too, ehh I’m really not impressed with her, she looks terrible I think, very strung out 70’s chic haha – Tonight, the big show!!! Did you see any of the PR runway show pics from Bryant Park?
I was online and ran into the images of the collections & did not realize who it was! I was like NOOOO!!! But i only saw a few! I hate that cause i really wanted to be excited to see it! Oh well – we shall discuss!!

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