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Is it Zoe or Zoe?

rachel zoe and zoe kravitzI love to talk about “Future Hippies”, the kids growing up now, that are developing a style of their own, while taking cues from the original hippie generation. Zoe Kravitz, daughter of rockstar Lenny Kravitz, is perfect example of that, with her fun Bohemian influenced style. You can see more pics of Zoe and read about her in one of my earlier posts.

The picture above is Zoe Kravitz with celebrity fashion stylist Rachel Zoe pronounced “Zo”). Get’s kinda confusing, I know! Anyway, when I first heard about Rachel Zoe, I remember thinking she was just some chick who hung out with people like Nichole Richie and had tons of cash. After watching her show The Rachel Zoe Project, I found the former to be true, but what I learned is that she is quite an interesting person. Whether you love her or hate her, you at least have to admit that she is talented and has a superb eye for fashion, otherwise the Hollywood celebs wouldn’t be lining up to have her style them.

Since the show started, I’ve found myself captivated by Rachel’s hippie chic style and enjoying the dash of drama given by her co-stars, Taylor and Brad. Aside from Project Runway, I don’t watch much TV, but I have to say that Rachel’s got me hooked! I wish her all the success in the world.

Love All Around,
Cara Mia

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Oh that’s cool that we both would like to see a twister up close some time! 😀 And oh I like the movie Twister, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen it. And oh, there was another tornado movie I loved when I was younger… I don’t think it’s “Twister”… I don’t know, I just remember there were 2 young boys, and they were at one of the boy’s house, alone, except one of the boy’s baby brother or sister can’t remember), and there was an older sister who shows up somewhere in there… it’s all very fuzzy in memory now.

Oh did some Googling and finally found it, it’s called “Night of the Twisters”, have you ever seen that one? 🙂

And thanks for the advice about hair coloring, I really appreciate it! 🙂


Aw, you could have filled up the whole comment page, I wouldn’t have minded! Cause I really truly do love to read little quirks and facts about people, so much fun, and so insightful!

I think it’d be nice instead of making small talk with people you just met, and asking things like, “So what do you do?” if people asked, “So what are some quirks or little know facts about you?” Would be so much more amusing I think! 😀


hey! All about Zoe! Ok, I will admit I do love her style, it’s retro but very modern at the same time & hands down she is super talented… but the drama is great!

PR is going to rock this week! They all look like they get bitch-slapped by the Big Gun, not Tim, but Nina!!!

Lots of tv to get in this week! Tonight, Paris’s new show starts.. I gotta get a little peek of it!

Stay sweet & let’s get ready to rumble & chat about our shows!!

P.S. I found Suede & Kenely on MySpace LOL

Joey 🙂

I love Zoe Kravitz! And oh I know, I was so confused when I realized Rachel Zoe’s name was said “Zo” not “Zoe”. 😛 I haven’t watched her show but maybe I will have to tune in sometime, since you like it so much! 🙂


Excellent point – she does have a very hippie-esque vibe, particularly with those long printed dresses and the loose, wavy hair!
I think it’s one syllable – zo. But I don’t watch her show – do you?

Thanks for your always complimentary remarks, darling!


Rachel has great style — remember how Nicole Richie looked pre-Rachel?

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