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Patricia Field on HSN What?

patricia field storeI would have to say that Patricia Field is my favorite fashion stylist of all time. What most people don’t know is that she was an underground fashion icon long before designing for Sex and the City. I became a “regular” at Pat Field’s while living in Chelsea in the early 90’s. I was promoting parties in the Michael Todd room at the Palladium and having a delicious time at Limelight and the Sound Factory/Twilo. Anytime I needed an outfit that was outrageously different from everyone else, Pat’s was the place to go. The store was a clubkids paradise, complete with rave goggles, shiny backpacks, neon wigs, and friendly drag queens to assist you.

old pat field locationIt’s weird to see that Patricia has a line coming out on the HSN called “Destination Style”. The clothes are cool, but not as flamboyant as the old 8th street store pictured above) or even some of her current items in the Bowery store. I’m happy for Pat though, she’s worked hard and is branding herself appropriately. The pieces will range from $39 to $199 and will be available for a limited time starting tomorrow. Feeling a bit nostalgic, I decided to share a few pieces I’ve kept from the 8th st. store. Something tells me that platforms, whistles and glowsticks are making their way back around soon, so you can say you heard it here first at Hippie Couture!

Love All Around,
Cara Mia

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7 replies on “Patricia Field on HSN What?”

Yer Bolero Slacks are totally Stylin’*

I remember getting a Live at the Fillmore East T Shirt made up in High Skool!!

oh yoy*

;)) Peace*

What a night of TV!! Trying to watch Pat Field on home shooping, then flippin back to PR! First, PR was a mess! Kenley needs to check herself before she opens her mouth!! Another odd night of design, I thought The country outfit was so funny, I loved it!!!! Pat Field was fantastic! she looked soo good, the line was really cute & not bad prices! Great night of TV!! What did you think????

lva ya

Joey 🙂

Those pants are crazy – I kinda love them!
And I’m a little dubious about the HSN thing but I guess there is a demand for bringing SATC fashion to the masses . . .


P.S. Added you to my Fellow Fashionistas blogroll!

Did you get a chance to click the club links? They are actual videos from then. China Club Mondays… could I forget? That was star night, guaranteed to see someone famous. Au Bar was good back then too, although my clubkid wear was switched out to Fendi Bags and designer cocktail dresses!

I will absolutely keep an eye out for a vintage wool cape, I already have it pictured in my head.
big hugs)))))) 🙂

Oh I almost forgot, If you ever see in your retro fashion travels, a men’s vintage military wool cape, please let me know – I have been on the hunt for a while – I thought it would be very cool for the fall & winter when I go out! I have seen a few but I’m thinking more London bloke, keystone cop looking! i dont have to explain it , you know what I mean!

Love ya

Joey 🙂

Did you just say Twilo!!!! OMG!! A flash of NYC circa 90’s just filled my brain!! I was always hitting the scene back then!! HAHA – China Club! Twilo! Pladiumn was the very first club I went too! I too adore Pat Field & hope people “get” her with homeshopping. She is really a super sweet person & her personality will do fantastic!! Thanks for the flashback! I think I still have a pair of bellbottoms I stiched peacock feathers to grin) I still think to this day, that guy I was dating slipped me a mikey at Twilo hahaha) xoxoxo Joey!!

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