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I love trippy color patterns BUT….

This colorful pattern is not one I relished viewing this morning! It seems as though “Hanna” is headed directly for us. She is supposed to be Hurricane strength by the time she makes landfall.
Having lived in Florida, I’ve been through several hurricanes that were much stronger, so this a just a “party storm”, but still the thought of loosing power makes me wince.

Now what’s even more ridiculous than Hanna, is “Ike”. Ike is a category 4 hurricane that is not aimed at us but it looks as though we will be seeing some crazy weather from that as well. I can just see Jim Cantore now, holding on to a flimsy sign post, flailing in the wind, as he reports live in the middle of 145 mph. winds!

So, I may be gasp) off-line for a bit, but I’ll be back in action soon. Love and prayers to those who just got hit by Gustav.

And here is Ike…..

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I’m new to your blogsphere… just want to say that you r Fabulous dear… Not just fashion but all things cool & HIP! Continue this fab- job! You have a nice weekend!
Feel free to drop by my neighborblog too ok…


lol @ the visual of reporters flying from poles. cracks me up every time.

hope all went well.

*In Irish voice*) “Ooooooo….so yer a Culer Me Baad fan, ar ya?”

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