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Psychedelic Color Blast for your Mind & Spirit !!!

Alfombras As you can probably surmise by looking at my blog or shop, I’m emphatically drawn to anything bright, colorful, psychedelic and fabulous! That is why I could not wait until Easter to write this post. I found these amazing carpets and had to share the trippyness with you yes I just just made up a word!) They are called Alfombras and are temporary street carpets made from hand-dyed sawdust, rice, flowers, and other vegetable material. They originated in Guatemala and are made during their Holy Week / Easter celebration. I am amazed at how intricate some of the patterns are and the vibrancy of the colors.

I believe that colors can invoke feelings of happiness, clarity and a variety of moods, so I immediately copied several pics into my inspiration folder for later viewing. My friend Leanne blogs about color theory and explains it better than I ever could, so check out her blog Rainbow Revolution for more insight on this trippyness! O.K., I’ll stop now!)

Here are some pictures of these fantastic magical carpets…..

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Love All Around,
Cara Mia

9 replies on “Psychedelic Color Blast for your Mind & Spirit !!!”

Those are beautiful! I thought they were Tibetan sand sculptures at first..

i ADORE your blog!! i just stumbled upon it and now its on my must read list…
those carpets are stunning!
mary jane

The second to the last carpet looks like carpeting out of a Vegas hotel and I love it!

wow, love the colors!

Soo, what did you think of last night? I was pretty confused on alot of the designs, i was expecting something diffrent, they all used the same seatbelts, but the coat dress was fantastic!! I loved kenley’s 40’s peplum skirt and top – I totally enjoyed the one that won, the look was very ultra mod, but the hips looks funky!

Another cry baby went home, i love it – he needs to get over himself fast!!

Poor Stelllla – I did like it, was not so bad!! Blaine, what was that mess!! I got the concept, but the fit was awful!!



Oh my goodness!!! These carpets are amazing and totally inspiring and colourful and awesome and I want to see one in person!!!!!!!
What an awesome surprise to see Rainbow Revolution mentioned there too. Hugs to you Cara Mia : )

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