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History repeats itself

sean lennon john lennonThey say that history repeats itself. By looking at the photo above it seems to be true, at least in the fashion world. The couple on the left is Sean Lennon and super model girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl, and unless you’re from a different planet, you will recognize the picture on the right is none other than Sean’s parents, John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

I was not around in the 60’s but from what I’ve seen in movies and read in books, John and Yoko were peace activists and massive cultural icons, that both fans and press gravitated to. They captivated a generation that was fed up with the state of the world, demanded change, and longed for peace. I don’t know much about Sean and “Kemp”, just that they are in the entertainment biz and have craploads of cash to travel around the world and make their own videos.

Personally I think the world is on edge, waiting for new icons to rise up and project that same sense of hope. Will Sean and Kemp step up to the plate? Only time will tell. In the mean time, they are an interesting couple to watch, especially Kemp Muhl, who is gracing the covers of magazines across world. She is ga-ga-ga-Gorgeous, with a capital G!!! Count your lucky stars Sean!

Love All Around,
Cara Mia ♥

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Hey!! Tonight, the big night 🙂 I’m looking fowared to some weird trash outfits tonight! haha)

Mood was great, i dropped 100 bucks on hardly anything, but sooo worth it, i’m going back in 2 weeks and check it out again!

Ok babe, catch you tonight after our show!

Cant wait to discuss!!


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Hey Babe! Back home! I really enjoye this post & the take on vintage to modern. I was in this great vintage shop, Cheap Jacks in NYC – U would have loved it! Harpers editoral is always soo fantastic. Keep up the great work – I’m going to vote for you on choice awards, I will send you the email tomorro so you can put the tag on your blog! xoxox


wow. the similarity between those two pics. is pretty amazing. i wasn’t familiar with Kemp Muhl til now. she is a beauty.

Nice post!

Give peace a chance was yesterday, sadly today it’s more like the wolf pack syndrome. Only the strong will survive.

not trying to be negative but trying to find someone to fill John Lennon’s shoes is a very tough thing. He was one of a kind.

Sean may look like him but I don’t believe has the same values.

Wow…glancing at the two pics at top, I initially thought, “pictures of John Lennon with two different women”–while there’s always been an obvious resemblance between Sean and his dad, I’ve never seen it this blatant….Yeah, it definitely would be nice to see Sean step up to the plate to be more than a fashion icon but, then, he’s still young, and he’s got some awesome shoes to fill….

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