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Woodstock and the Runway

woodstock hippie bookI was browsing The Way Back Machine Blog today when I read that today is the 39th anniversary of Woodstock. For all you youngsters, it was a music festival held on a huge farm in New York, with about 200,000 people in attendance, and famous musicians such as Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix.

O.K., so technically I’m a youngster too since Woodstock happened before I was born, but if you’re like me, you somehow still feel a connection with the late 60’s and early 70’s time period. The people of that generation not only changed the course of music and fashion, they rejected spoon fed propaganda and fought for racial equality, women’s rights, gay rights, the environment, peace, and anything that mattered to them. I just watched a movie a few nights ago for like the 10th time, called “The ’60s“, which really gives you an idea of what it was like to grow up back then. It stars Josh Hamilton and Julia Stiles she gives a great performance I swear!) and it’s a good movie to kick back to and catch the whole vibe.

So anyway, I got to thinking about Woodstock and how next year will be the 40th anniversary of this event, and the fashion light bulb in my brain went off. No wonder “Hippie Chic” is making it’s way down the catwalks for the upcoming seasons! Most of the decision makers in the fashion world are from that generation, plus there are so many young designers today that are inspired by the hippie movement, it makes perfect sense! I’m thrilled to see the resurgence of hippie-gypsy-boho, whatever you want to call it, from the big dogs of the fashion industry, but I’m equally excited to break out my own vintage bell bottoms!

Here’s a look see at what’s coming for 2009…..

anna suid&gmiss sixtyPS, The Woodstock picture above was taken from Barry Miles book “Hippie“, which is filled with info. and pictures from the 60’s…….also awesome!

Love All Around,
Cara Mia

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Anna Sui, fantastic!! have you seen her perfume bottle, it is soo great!

Im going to add your site on my blog listing!!

stay sexy!!


I’m glad I found your “like minded” Blog and will add it to my blogroll, thanks for putting mine on yours. -I was a little young to make it all the way out east to Woodstock but I did get to see our local version of it here in Oregon. It was called “Bullfrog” if I remember right.

Yes that era is something we all feel a connection to…even my newly turned 10yr old daughter in her hippie dresses and beatles music blaring. Like mother like daughter and I am very proud to pass it on to another generation. Thanks for sharing the new/old styles for the season!

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