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2 Responses to Who’s feelin’ Groovy???

  1. Annie says:

    I love this song and video! She is really so fabulous…

  2. MyGuyFriday says:

    ok!!! here we go! I loved PR, it was fantastic! but, I was not too thrilled, I did expect ALOT more design and over the top – For a bunch of gay guys, I would have thought they had some concept of drag! I cant deal with Blane-a-lishish – First of “anything-a-lishesh”, is so 5 years ago, second I think he is awful with design, I just dont get how he got on the show, and NO you are not nor ever be Christian haha) – it was great seeing Chris March again!

    How do you feel about next week? I really loved the redhead’s collection last year, cool to see her again!

    Aww look who got sent home – haha, about time!! Talks so much about his design style and class, so where is it!!

    Love it!


    P.S. what happend to Rupaul??? I was shocked, look a bit old and worn out :