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I * heart * Bollywood! - Hippie Couture

bollywoodI’m absolutely enchanted with Indian fashion and culture, especially since the early hippies incorporated this vibe into their clothing and lifestyle. What I find exciting, is that this fascinating culture is infiltrating the U.S. scene once again, or maybe I should say we are merging, so to speak.

In India, Bollywood is the equivalent to Hollywood, California. They have been taking cues from American studios and movie stars for years, and have built an empire that is said to rival the states in talent and finances. On the flip side, we appear to be jumping on the “Darjeeling Limited express”, seeing as though Vogue magazine released it’s Indian edition less than a year ago, and several prominent fashion designers have been donning vibrant colors and flowing ethnic caftans and tunics this season.

What’s interesting is my most recent dose of India didn’t come from a magazine or website. It came via T.V., in a show called “So You Think You Can Dance”. A show that I might add, I am SO addicted to! Last week two of the contestants, Katee and Joshua, were given the challenge of dancing a “Bollywood routine”. I will just say that not only did they nail the choreography and are adorable to watch, they opened millions of American viewers up to the beauty of Indian culture and dance.

Here is a short clip of their performance from the show. Enjoy!

Love All Around,
Cara Mia

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  1. Love your blog! Thanks for the comment. I added your blog to my blog roll on my page. Lets keep in touch! 😉