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Gucci rides the Hippie bus to Resort 2009

gucci hippie fashion 2009There are hippies from the 60’s that would pass out if they heard the words “hippie” and “high end fashion” used in the same sentence. But behold, there is a new breed of flower children emerging with the younger generations; people who derive creative fashion inspiration from the past, and mix it with their own unique vision. This has particularly been noticed by major fashion houses and they are jumping on the nouveau hippie bus!

While I eat, sleep and breath vintage, I also love new fashion that is either ground breaking or a tasteful collection that takes cues from the past. Most recently, Gucci proved the latter with their 2009 “cruise” collection. Frida Giannini, the beautiful and talented head designer, who critics have labeled as “unsure of herself”, brought a whimsical elegance to next seasons resort line.

Some of my favorites are the 60’s inspired pheasant blouses, long striped pants and colorful, flowing gypsy-like maxi dresses. I never tire of the hippie chic look, past or present!

Love All Around,
Cara Mia

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