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Celebs Gone Psychedelic!

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Ooooooh, I love when this happens! Its 1:00am, I’m half awake while surfing the web, knowing I need to call it a night but fighting sleep as usual. I mindlessly link from one site to another, and somehow end up on a picture of Mischa Barton in this hot psychedelic mini dress, complete with trippy colors and pom pom fringe. I immediately checked my store and, voila, there’s my “model” Bean in a similar vintage version of this fab dress! I love finding the original clothing that inspires the designs today. It’s like having an actual Warhol painting as opposed to buying a mass production print.

I’m currently combing through my collection to see what I can put up in the Future Hippie shop next. It’s so much fun to match someone with a piece that has history but still looks smokin’ hot today. OMG, did I just say smokin’ hot? Ugh! Anyway, the psychedelic pom pom dress on Bean is currently available in the shop. The full celeb pic comes from the site I landed on, Fashion Mag Daily. I’ll be on the hunt for more inspiration, so turn on, tune in and shop out!

Love All Around,
Cara Mia

*UPDATE 2011: I have sold out of all the vintage clothing and closed my Future Hippie shop. More cool things are on the horizon though, and as always I will be posting on both Hippie Couture and the Future Hippie Blog.

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