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shopping hippie styleI started thrifting when I was 15, partially because the clothes were cheap, but being the rebellious kid that I was, I wanted a style that I could call my own. As I got older I ventured out into the world of “normal” shopping and bought some cool stuff, but always found myself back at the local thrift or a special vintage boutique.

What I find exciting about fashion today is that people are starting to create their own unique styles, by mixing designer clothes with awesome vintage finds. There’s nothing gauche about wearing a pair of $300.00 Rock n Republic Jeans, with a $15.00 vintage top, anything goes!

I recently learned this trend is nothing new and was thriving back in the 60’s. Stores like BiBa and “I Was Lord Kitchener’s Valet”, supplied everyone from the general public to famous rock stars, with psychedelic outfits and second hand Victorian uniforms. Barry Miles stated in his book HIPPIE, that Jimi Hendrix was actually arrested for impersonating an officer by wearing a dragoon jacket! Biba was so popular that people often lined up down the street, just to get a glimpse of the new merch.

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If you have an inclination to learn about the 60’s, Barry Miles delivers a masterpiece of colorful pictures, and an in depth look at that historical time period. All photos in this post are from his book HIPPIE.

Love All Around,
Cara Mia

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I was a biba baby my mum used to take me to biba in Kensington for tea in the roof garden. I still remember the pink flamingos and the huge art deco make up hall at the entrance.Cool

wow. i’m honored to be a hip blogger!
i need some more vintage style in my life. 😉

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