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In The Year 2525

the robot art of mike slobotSlobots were alive!

The Slobots are exuberant, futuristic, colorful and friendly, but what I love the most is that the artist M. Heisler has created a story for each bot that makes you want to pick one up and hug it!

slobot robot queen nophi
robot postcard
Here’s an example of the “SLOMADL” story…..“He was created to destroy any living thing that gets in its way. Through a “flaw” in his programming, the initial surge to kill is overcome by the desire to love and protect. This makes him useless as a killer robot, but perfect for taking care of the elderly or walking dogs.”


SLOMADL has already found a home, but there are several more of these amazing Slobot sculptures just waiting to be adopted! Here’s a link to M. Heisler’s site Slobots to view the rest of these futuristic creations! Also, he has a Slobot Blog with great posts and info. for his upcoming shows.

Love All Around,
Cara Mia