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When Hippies Ruled the World

Peter max
The Hippie movement in the late 60’s, sparked a political, social, and fashion revolution. The kids of that generation stood up for what they believed in, they made their voices heard, and most of all…they partied their asses off!

In recent years there seems to be a passion being ignited once again. People want to express themselves creatively and not conform to mainstream ideas. They want a sense of individuality while still being part of a community. To translate this in fashion terms, the “it bag” is out! Even if you can’t chain yourself to a street sign and protest, or set all your bras on fire, the ability to make a difference is still available. Purchasing recycled and environmentally friendly goods is a great place to start. Shopping for vintage finds is less expensive, and buying from indie designers always decreases your chances of running into some random bird with the same frock!

So here’s to the groovy hippies that were, and the fabulous hippies of the future!
Love All Around,
Cara Mia

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