designer manish arora
Manish Arora was soaking up all the brightest colors for his Spring/Summer 2008 collection! When I stumbled upon this fabulous Indian designer, I think I welled up a bit. Being a fan of bright colors, pop art and everything psychedelic, I was enthralled with every single piece presented. His style is bold, ethnic, whimsical, and definitely not for the timid!

Manish participated in the first ever India Fashion Week held in New Delhi in 2000 and launched his second label Fish Fry shortly thereafter. His most recent showing was Paris fashion week, where he unveiled his fabulous Spring/Summer collection to meet rave reviews.

Below is a taste of the Manish delicacies. Enjoy!

Love All Around,
Cara Miamanish arora 2008 collection
bright psychedelic fashion
indian designer manish arora's fashion
colorful clothes by manish arora
trippy fashion by manish arora
spring 2008 manish arora

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